Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My Eyes Hurt

Work has been a little insane over the last couple of days. Always the way just before I go on holidays. Glad it's all done with.

Tomorrow, Shawn and I fly to the US. I wish I had a little more time before flying. I dislike not having any time to wind out of work mode before I go somewhere. I'd also like to have more time to give my cat guilt pats. I hate putting her in a cattery when I go away. I try to not do it at all unless it's unavoidable.

So I've been off to the supermarket to buy some neccessary last minute trip things: big bottles of water, eye drops, small packet of Lavazza ground coffee. Despite the fact that I've wound my coffee intake down to only one (1) a day, I still can't travel without a small coffee press and some decent coffee. It's like a security blanket almost. I don't feel comfortable unless I know I can get coffee when I and wherever I need it. This is especially true of a trip that will result in jetlag. I used to try to deal with jetlag naturally, you know, getting right into the new timezone by eating, sleeping and staying awake in the new time, but it just doesn't work as well as caffeine and sleeping tablets (although not at the same time).

Hoping I can post updates while I'm away.


dani said...

have a good trip guys!!!
and i still think the best thing for jetlag is to get your head in the sun - for a good hour - probably best 1st thing in the morning when it isn't too strong. and seriously just sit in it, best without glasses and let that sun go in your retinas. it might make you feel sleepy while you're doing it - but it works, oh, and of course the longer you sit the better.
take care

s_hayley said...

I'm not so sure about the safety of burning my retinas, but as it turns out I did get quite a bit of sun on the way out from the airport and despite a lack of sleep on the plane, I DON'T have jetlag. Maybe there's something to your sun idea! I want to hear more about the theory behind that one.