Thursday, November 09, 2006

Birthday 2006

Yesterday was my birthday. I had a really good day.

Work organised a cake which was very tasty and very filling.

Shawn organised a picnic at home by buying all my favourite stuff from Relish. Relish is my favourite healthy takeaway place... although I suspect the potato salad is laced with some sort of class A drug, because it tastes so good! He also ordered this amazing and gorgeous little triple chocolate torte from Mezzapica. So good. The choux pastry, of the profiteroles that were on top of the cake, was ultra fresh. So impressed.

This was all very well, but the weirdest thing about my day is that I got a phone call from the person who became my best friend at my second high school. Unfortunately, I hadn't seen her for ten years though, so this was a complete shock, but a most welcome surprise. When someone who you haven't seen for ten years says "So, what've you been up to?", it's just plain funny. Neither of us had any problems deciding where to start though. It was great to talk to her and I'm looking forward to catching up with her in person next week.


dani said...

oh no! i missed it!

happy happy belated birthday!!!
sounds like you had a good one though!

and woohoo for 1 year here for god that's flown!

hope to catch up with you guys soon, huh?

s_hayley said...

Thanks Dani. When the weather stops being so ridiculous you and JD should come to our place for another backyard, candlelight dinner.

dani said...

yes would love to!!!!