Thursday, January 11, 2007

Work Review

I had my yearly work review yesterday. They still love me. The imp in me had the urge to say: "Woo! So I'll be expecting a raise then! Thanks!" I refrained. It was nice to hear good things about me. It helped to lift my mood.

Having said that, I am hoping for a simliar bonus to last year. When thinking about the best use of this bonus, my brain tells me two things: "This money would be better off used in my online savings account, accruing interest, or knocking some of that old student loan out with", but it also says:"You've had this TV for 6 or 7 years now. It wouldn't be so frivolous to upgrade it now. Every time you watch dvds, the 16:9 content is scaled down to fit your 4:3 screen and it makes the content annoyingly small. If you set it to crop the content, you miss vital detail and nobody wants that... You should buy an LCD TV with that bonus." It puts forward a very logical and persuasive argument. Don't you think?

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