Friday, July 20, 2007

Baja Cantina

Last night I took Shawn to Baja Cantina in Glebe. He has been missing Mexican food big time, my favourite Mexican place had closed down (Why? Why?! Hot Salsa Mexican Kitchen, you were so good!) and I wasn't really motivated to take him to a mexican place that just wasn't to his Californian-Mexican standards. Since we were going to be over that way I decided I should bite the bullet and suggest we go to Baja Cantina. So glad we did this. Shawn loved it. Not in a: "This is good for Australian Mexican" way, but in a "This is some of the best Mexican food I've ever had" way. I've always thought comments like "Oh, we only have crap Mexican food in Australia" were misguided, ok just plain wrong. I've had Mexican food in several places in California and several places in Sydney and I really think that we rate pretty well. I mean, I guess they could be more "authentic" (in both places), but then I'm just not that big on offal. It should also be said that I've had what I consider to be bad Mexican food in California. They aren't immune!

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