Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Work Has Moved

My first day at the new location was pretty bad. So many things went wrong that I don't want to relive them by listing them here... okay, just a few. It's FREEZING here. Why is aircon so hard to get right?! I left the house without my glasses and had to go back, my monitor died, but was forced to use it to shop for new monitor and I felt like I was going to faint or throw up during travel to and from work. The lack of somewhere to sit when waiting for public transport isn't good when you're pregnant and then trying to get a seat is another matter, especially if you don't look pregnant (but are still suffering from nausea, fatigue, etc)... although I'm not entirely sure how much that'd help these days. People can be appalling, especially on public transport. I guess I'll see how true this is when I get closer to my due date and start sticking out a lot more.

I should also say that the office space is very swish. We have windows we can see out and the transition was made a little easier by the fact that work hired a chef to cook us breakfast on our first day. So not all gloom.

Second day has been a little less eventful, thankfully.

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