Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Suit, Superman and Sleep

Yesterday was kind of busy. After work, I went and picked up Shawn to go shopping for a suit for him. He's lost so much weight (35 lbs!!!) that his old suit just doesn't fit properly and looks a little off. We decided he could get away with wearing it, but that should get another one. When he tried it on the visual difference really struck me. He looks so good in the new suit. Whilst the finances would rather we didn't buy it (it was on sale though!), he needs it for interviews now that all the travel and wedding stuff is over. He's actually in at a temp agency right now and has an interview on Friday as well. You can do it, baby.

So, after the suit shopping we stopped for a coffee. That is to say that we both stopped so I could have coffee. Shawn just fights off the sleeping sickness (jetlag) au naturalle and doesn't want me pushing me filthy, filthy habit on him. We then wandered down to the cinema on George Street to see Superman Returns. This is not something I would go and see of my own volition, but Shawn is a comic fanboy and I'm happy to do things that make him go: "Eeeee!" like a small child with a sugar rush.

After fighting off the very strong desire to sleep towards the end of the movie, we went home. I slept deeply. Instead of waking up at 5am or earlier, I woke to my alarm and could've kept sleeping. I'm hoping that staying up so much later last night will mean an end to the jetlag.


dani said...

i'm really looking forward to JD getting home so i can try out a new technique i've learnt holding the HORARY POINTS on each meridian for a 24 hr period. each meridian has a 2 hr energy peak throughout the day and apparently holding these helps sync the body in this time. but when is he coming home that is the question?

s_hayley said...

You can test it on me next time I come home with jetlag!
Hope JD gets home soon.

dani said...

would love to - but the only prob being that you seriously have to do it round the clock for that 1st day i.e every 2 hrs for maximum effect.

i still can't believe shawn has lost 35 lbds - so incredible!!! imagine what he's going to be like in summer - it'll br dripping off him.

s_hayley said...

Aww. Knew there'd be a catch!

Yeah. He's done really well. I used to have willpower once. Hoping I can rediscover it when the weather gets warmer.