Thursday, December 07, 2006

Xrays, bloods, an ultrsound and a CT scan later

I think I know what's wrong with me, I'm getting old. My older sisters roll their eyes when I say that, but at the moment I can't sit or stand pain free, I can't lie down with my hands behind my head without my rotator cuff behaving badly and one of my nails is trying to escape the tyranny of it's finger (the nail is lifting away from the nail bed, not a nail infection, a little freaky looking though). I wish at least the blood could've been taken in winter, then people might stop staring at my bruised arm before eyeing me suspiciously.

I pick up my xrays, printouts and reports today and go see my doctor tomorrow. I'm thinking that my doctor will check I'm eating right (mostly), that I'm taking vitamins and that she'll send me to physio for the back and shoulder. We'll see tomorrow I guess.

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