Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cable Ties are the Best Things Ever

On Friday came across this article on Life Hacker. It instantly fired me up to fix the state of our computer desk, mainly the cable mess.

I didn't tackle it exactly the same way that Adam did on Life Hacker, but I'm still very pleased. He used a cable basket screwed to the back of his desk. I have a beautiful desk, custom-made to my design by my brother-in-law and I wasn't about to screw anything into the back of it, especially since one day it may not always be our computer desk. In the future it might be a hall table or something.

So I bought some cable tie mounts and cable ties (zip ties) at an electronics store and went to work. I also cleaned up stuff that didn't need to be there, moved the lamp into the bedroom, etc. but still! Just compare the cable chaos alone! So much easier to slide the chair in the use the computer now.



We could still use some more storage so we have homes for all the blank cds and dvds... have to work on that.

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