Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Long Lunch

What nice up-turn my day has had. I met Shawn in the CBD for lunch after he went to see his employment agent. I decided we should eat somewhere a little nicer than the average sandwich shop for once, so I took him to Chinta Ria Temple of Love. I love that place. It aways feels like summer inside, even when it's winter. Shawn then tells me that he got a three month contract. So we definitely had cause to have something nicer than a sandwich. The food was delicious, the colour inside made me happy and the massive, smiling stone Buddah that greets you when you enter is awesome. I challenge anyone to eat at that place and feel cranky. I wish I'd brought my camera!


dani said...

excellent news! congrats to shawn. what's he going to be doing?

s_hayley said...
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s_hayley said...

Let me try that again. It is excellent news. The work is data entry, not glamourous, but we're pretty happy to be having a second income for three solid months.