Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mmm TVeee

We went up to Dad and Donna's for lunch this weekend. Very tasty.

While we were there Dad gave us a spare DVD/VCR combo. Life saver. I've been looking for a multi-region one everywhere since our vcr died and the dvd started being crappy... ok crappier. Now I don't have to fight sleep to stay up and watch TV. I can TAPE things now. *purr* Cheap entertainment.

On the topic on cheap entertainment, if we want to see a movie at the cinema we go on cheap nights. We're going to see The Libertine tonight.

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dani said...

we got a combo one late last year, not sure why now as our video still worked fine....but i still have no idea how to video stuff....and i've read the manual....must work that out too because i agree, i resent missing good stuff when it's on and so stay up way too late for someone who needs easily 9 hrs a night and never gets it.