Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tax Time!

Recently I was perusing Aimee's blog and reading about all her efforts to lose debt. This made me think about taking a closer look at my finances and not take so many things for granted. First thing I did was go get my tax done for the year. Good plan! They estimate nice fat return, all of which will go straight onto my credit card. It won't completely kill off wedding, honeymoon and US trip expenses, but I'm very close! Then I just have an old, but quite large, student loan to pay off. At least the only interest that get's added to it is whatever inflation was for that year. Yay?

Another thing we're doing is getting dvd's out from the local library instead of renting them from a video store. They don't stock a lot of pure entertainment (not that I'm interested in anyway), but they have stuff we want to watch regardless: cooking shows, music documentaries, etc. I'm sure we'll make our way through what interests us pretty quickly, but it's still saving us money in the meantime.


Aimee said...

Thank you for the kind comments on my blog! I'm glad that our efforts can be helpful to anyone else out there. Debt isn't much fun, so I'm happy to hear that something good is coming of it. :)

dani said...

oh my god tax - i still haven't done our tax from last year.

and yes it's great having JD home!

s_hayley said...

Do it, Dani! If you do last years tax before they realise, I don't think there's a penalty. If they come after you, i think there is.

dani said...

ouch, will do asap. thanks for the reminder.