Sunday, October 29, 2006


Yesterday Shawn and I went to the Art Gallery of New South Wales. On this occasion we didn't actually go so much for the art as for the food. We don't normally choose somewhere quite so swish for lunch, but we have been married for six months now and felt that although it wasn't a yearly anniversary, we still felt it to be a milestone. So the Art Gallery Restaurant is where we chose to celebrate. The views over the Domain and Wooloomooloo where great, but the food was better. We had barrumundi on lentils with a mild curry sauce with a glass of semillion sauvignon blanc, followed by a mango custard with sliced mango and lime. The wine is not expensive, but it did not, I repeat, did not cause an adverse reaction on my skin. So I had a great lunch.

We followed this with a walk through the 2006 Dobell Drawing Prize exhibition. This exhibition kind of makes me want to draw again.

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