Sunday, October 08, 2006

Weekend Walks

I'm very lucky to live in an area that is in the city, but also has lots of parks and green strips down behind all the houses.

This area could be a very unattractive strip along a stormwater drain, but the council has down a lot to make the old creek area very nice to be in. There's one particular part that's like a mini-bush-walk, with all native plants.

They are all in flower at the moment.

There is also a pond that is home to a lot of fish, lots of frogs (i think they are banjo frogs). Ducks also visit sometimes.


dani said...

cool. where is this?

and agreed about yum cha...the crowds are a turn off. you have to be in by 10 or it's pure hell. custard tarts...mmmmm.

s_hayley said...

It's along Whites Creek in Lilyfield/Annandale. You could extend this walk to Bicentennial Park, Jubilee Park. Apparrently there's a little wetlands in there as well.